Known issues
  • Google Drive authentication - if you have issues authenticating with Google Drive, please ensure Chrome browser is installed and it is the default browser. Also try with custom Chrome tab option on account screen. If issue persist try clearing data for Chrome browser in Android App settings. Firefox has also been reported by some users to work. Simple browsers on app store that use an internal standard WebView with not be able to work with the security measures Google is enforcing.

  • Instant sync issues - on Android 6.x/7.x instant sync functionality will not work for most devices for external SD card. This is an Android bug or perhaps a new undocumented limitation by Google. Nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

  • Writing to external SD card - if you are using a newer version of Android and have issues writing to external SD card please see here for more info.

  • Bad request errors or failing folderpairs - please try to re-authenticate account. In some cases you also need to re-select to remote folder for folderpairs, since the path structure on the remote end has changed because of usages of new API versions. Just re-select the folder you are already using, so the remote folder info can be refreshed.

  • OwnCloud connections issues may be caused by streamlining of the configuration into two account types for ownCloud 6/7 and 8 respectively. Please reconfigure your accounts accordingly. If you get something like "refused stream" error for HTTP/2 you need to upgrade to latest nginx web server and version 2.9.4, where this is fixed.

  • OwnCloud upload issues  may be caused by incomplete account configuration. Make sure you specify the correct protocol in server name field, either HTTP or HTTPS - this should match the server endpoint. If your server redirects HTTP to HTTPS, this will not always work for uploads for example, so make sure this configured correctly

  • HTTP connection errors can happen on newer Android devices, since deprecated encryption ciphers are no longer enabled by default with OkHttp/Android to increase security. This means, if you are connecting to an insecure web server using WebDAV or ownCloud, the connection may fail. You can either upgrade your server or try to enable self-signed certificates for you WebDAV/ownCloud account. Se here which protocols/ciphers are supported on which Android versions:
Generel help
You can try to consult the Help or FAQ page, also try to visit the FolderSync Google+ community or the CloudCaster Google+ community and make your issue known or put forward your request. They have separate search functions - please try them first, to see if your query has already been answered, before posting new questions.

Report bug
Bugs cant be report to the bug tracker found here: 

Request refund or transfer of license
If you want to request a refund with a 72 hours after purchase or transfer your license to another Google account fill out this form:

Sending log file to support
If you  have a specific problem with an app, then please include a log file using the procedure below.
Please only send log files if requested by us.

How to create and send a log file
  1. To create a log file with useful data, enable [Collect logs] on our app's about screen.
  2. Redo the function/action that fails (previous errors will not be logged, so this step is important).
  3. Go back to the about screen and review the log if you want.
  4. Then press [Send collected logs] to attach the log to a new e-mail.
  5. Add your description of the problem and press send. Log files received without an error description are deleted.
Just as a disclaimer, we can unfortunately not promise to answer all support requests in a timely manner.