All your mobile freelance development needs

If you need help with building your next Android or cross-platform Android/iOS app or just help with your existing app, then I might be able to help.

Proven experience
In addition to maintaining my own apps with millions of downloads, I have done freelance work on some of the most widely used apps in Denmark and worked with android for over 12 years.
Bleeding edge
I am happy working with the newest technologies in the mobile or cross-platform space such as Flutter, Kotlin MultiPlatform, Jetpack Compose, Desktop Compose, Ktor and much more.
Quality and integrity
I put a great emphasis on quality, security and integrity in the work I do. I have worked extensively with A/B testing, CI/CD and unit/integration test automation.
I offer freelance work on a remote basis or on location in the east Jutland area of Denmark.

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