Common issues

Perhaps we already adressed your issue in the common issues list or maybe its adressed in the FolderSync FAQ

Generel help

You can try to consult the Help or FAQ page, also try to visit the FolderSync Google+ community or the CloudCaster Google+ community and make your issue known or put forward your request. They have separate search functions - please try them first, to see if your query has already been answered, before posting new questions.

Request refund or transfer of license

If you want to request a refund within 72 hours after purchase or transfer your license to another Google account fill out this form:

Sending log file to support

If you have a specific problem with an app, then please include a log file using the procedure below. Please only send log files if requested by us.

How to create and send a log file

  1. To create a log file with useful data, enable [Collect logs] on our app’s about screen.
  2. Redo the function/action that fails (previous errors will not be logged, so this step is important).
  3. Go back to the about screen and review the log if you want.
  4. Then press [Send collected logs] to attach the log to a new e-mail.
  5. Add your description of the problem and press send. Log files received without an error description are deleted.