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Theme Guide FolderSync

If you have a suggestion for a theme please supply the following information.

To make your suggestion is more likely to be included, please send example image with colors, so it easier to see how it will end up if included in FolderSync.

The current themes have been made with the help of this color scheme designer:

Dark or Light theme
First specify whether you want to use dark or light theme? (both will use dark ActionBar).

Define the following colors
  • ColorPrimary
  • ColorPrimaryDark
  • ColorAccent
  • WindowBackground
  • ActionBarPopMenuBackground
  • ActionBarActionModeBackground
Optional colors (not needed)
  • PanelBackground (default is the same as WindowBackground)
  • TextColorPrimary      (default to white for dark theme, black for light theme)
  • TextColorSecondary  (default to light gray for dark theme, dark gray for light theme)

Please supply all colors as HEX values, for example #7FC3F5.

Example of how colors are used

Example of theme. ColorPrimary will be used for button background color in future version (buttons like Sync All, Create new sync etc.).